The Liminal is collaborating with Centered Holistic Health to bring Hive members wellness events, retreats, and exclusive yoga, massage, and sauna packages (coming soon!)

Welcome to the branch of The Liminal we call Liminal Living.

THE LIMINAL creates spaces where artists, artisans, chefs, and visionaries of all persuasions join forces to create a transformational moment in time. We find our inspiration in what is has always meant to be human, and what it means now. What has stood the test of time.

We celebrate the seasons, the transitions, the traditions and cultures of the world through food, art, and vivid experience.

Liminal Living facilitates experiential wellness events and retreats to bring you into deepened relationship with your body and spirit.

Candlelight Meditation

Due to the current rise of Covid cases in our community, we had to postpone our Candlelight Tea this Saturday. We wanted to send you a little love with this short meditation and introduction to Lauren. Find a candle and a cup of tea and join us for a few lovely minutes of turning inward.

Hoping to see you in person very soon.