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An overview of upcoming events available to Hive Members.


Booking for dinners continues to be through Tock—tables will be available to book 2 weeks out. We will let you know on the front page, in your weekly newsletter, and on social media.

Yoga at Apiary

Every Wednesday Morning!

Free for Hive members through July 14th!! All levels. Lead by Lissa Sims.

7:00 a.m.  Strong— An energizing practice designed to wake you up and prepare you mentally for your day. We will practice natural movement with breathing that encourages healing.

8:00 a.m. Relax + Heal—A restorative and healing practice where you will come into a few non-demanding poses which you will hold for long enough to breathe deeply and feel. Beginning students find an opening for a profound mindfulness meditation in this practice.

*The practices are designed to work together: warm up and tone for the first hour then long, slow, deep stretch and continued medition for the second hour. However, each also functions as a stand-alone practice, so you can do just one. Arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled time to give yourself a chance to settle onto your mat.

Meet us under the tent Wednesday mornings. Questions? Reach us at:, or reach Lissa at:

July 2021
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