Moscow Mule




“The Moscow Mule was co-developed by three entrepreneurs all searching for ways to sell their products. Jack Morgan of Cock ‘n Bull pub in Hollywood who also is the creator of Cock ‘n Bull ginger beer, John G. Martin of Heublein, the company who was distributing Smirnoff vodka in 1940, and Ozaline Schmidt (Martin’s girlfriend), who inherited a copper factory from her father. The copper mugs weren’t selling well, so in order to sell the mugs Morgan and Martin teamed up to create a Vodka Buck (a highball prepared with ginger ale and lime) specifically using their products and named it the Moscow Mule. To promote the beverage, Martin purchased a polaroid camera (a brand new invention at the time) and went around taking pictures of bartenders with the vodka in one hand, and the copper plated cocktail in the other. He gave one copy to the bar and used the other copy to entice other bars to serve up their brand new cocktail recipe. Hollywood celebs soon began ordering it and the rest is history. The story behind the recipe is a textbook example of how cocktails are used to deplete inventory and the endurance of recipes thanks to innovative marketing.”

Luckily this spectacularly refreshing beverage resurfaced in a boom of popularity within the last 20 or so years, as it is exceptionally delicious, and easily tweaked into similar drinks simply by changing the base spirit (Bourbon in play of vodka for a KY mule, for example)

The Vodka iteration remains the classic and which we are paying tribute to this week. Pairs best with sunshine, take one to focus on innovation, and the endurance of great ideas.

Kit, makes 8 drinks ( copper mug not included)