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Created by Toby Cecchini at the Odean, NYC in 1988, The Cosmopolitan is one of the cult classic cocktails that became famous through major figures of pop culture and continues to be the bar-stapled flavored martini of choice to this day. Riffed on from a word of mouth version out of San Francisco, the Odeon staff paired the cocktail with the newly released Absolut Citron and the rest is history. They began recommending the beverage to regulars such as Keith Haring, Lou Reed, Madonna, and Johnny Depp, continuing the momentum through the late twentieth century as the drink became a staple mentioning on the HBO primetime show, Sex in the City. Take one to feel like a red carpet celebrity, and celebrate the influences of pop culture!

Ketel one Citroen, Cointreau, cranberry, lime, simple.

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